Social Media Content Calendar 2020

Everything you need for planning out your social media content for 2020

Your online social media marketing content planned for 2020

Never struggle for social media or blog post ideas again

Do you struggle with what to post on your social media platforms?

Do you struggle with engagement?

Do you struggle with being consistent and the amount of time is takes to post on social media?

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners use social media marketing to drive visitors to their website and convert them into paying customers. And nearly every one of them faced the same struggle – they didn’t know what to post to their social media, on their blog, or send in their emails.

Don’t waste valuable time and headspace wracking your brains for fresh content ideas – the Social Media Content Calendar 2020 is packed with all the inspiration you need!

Rachel had over 500 share of her blog using the content calendar

What's included in the 2020 Content Calendar:

  • 12 months of awareness days, holidays and celebrations

  • Content Tips - how you can incorporate awareness days into your business and make them work for your niche

  • How to create a social media strategy that works for you and your business

  • Printable and downloadable PDFs to help you plan out your social media content and blogs

  • Inspiring quote graphic templates that you can use on social media

  • Over 60 awareness day graphics that you can use on social media

  • Instagram Story templates that will help increase engagement

  • Question examples that you can use to help increase engagement across your social media platforms

Plus three BONUS masterclasses delivered by guest experts

- How to plan out your content using Trello
- How to plan out your content using Airtable
- Creating content from a journalist point of view

The Social Media Content Calendar 2020 is designed to save you time, take away the overwhelm and stress of what to post on social media.

The content calendar works for all niches and industries

I'm sharing my 8 years experience and tips of creating content for business. I've been featured in various printed magazines and digital magazines, I've been interviewed for blogs, radio shows and podcasts, spoke at events across the UK, delivered masterclasses for other entrepreneurs for their courses and memberships, had celebrities, brands, TV shows and Radio shows join in my Twitter chat hour - all because of the content I have put out on social media.

You don't need a huge following on social media to get results, you just need to put out content that your audience resonates with and enjoys!

"It's so helpful and useful..."

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Your Instructor

Business Wonderland
Business Wonderland

I'm Katie, a social media consultant from Bristol, England.

I've helped hundreds of small business owners grow their social media accounts in a mindful and authentic way.

I have over six years experience with helping business owners to have a more engaged audience and make sells through social media.

I enjoy creating communities on social media. For the past 5 years, I have hosted a Twitter Chat hour where we tend most weeks and reach over five million timelines.

We've had celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney join in. Brands such as Google UK, MTV Music, Channel 4, Pandora. As well as awesome small business owners.

Social media can be confusing and a bit of a wonderland. There are lots of turns, twists, up and downs. Business Wonderland provides social media help, support as well as practical and actionable social media tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive the Social Media Content Calendar 2020
As soon as you purchase the Social Media Content Calendar you will be able to login immediately and have instant access to the whole course
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for the whole of 2020.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you enrol in the Social Media Content Calendar, at the point of purchase, you will receive the course and all training immediately. In agreeing to receive the download at the point of purchase you will lose your right to cancel and your right to a refund. Should you have any questions about your purchase we will be happy to assist.

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